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  • Foil Background-2

    Simple Bokeh Background

    I came across a tutorial on petapixel this morning showing how to create a bokeh background using scrunched up aluminium foil. Here’s the article (tutorial)…/create-beautiful-bokeh-aluminum-foil/ I gave it a go just now and it came out pretty well. Especially considering I didn’t use my......

  • Coalcliff Pool

    Photoshop Mulligan

    Do you ever see old photos of yourself and cringe? “What was I doing wearing that jacket?” “why didn’t anyone tell me my hair looked like THAT!?” and so on… Well, I don’t know about you but I get a similar feeling sometimes when I......

  • Jindabyne-Lake-2

    The “not so” snowy mountains

    Just a quick update to share this couple of shots I took earlier in the year up at the “snowy” mountains. The snow was falling a couple of weeks prior to our visit, but disappeared by the time we got there. Then...