Simple Bokeh Background

I came across a tutorial on petapixel this morning showing how to create a bokeh background using scrunched up aluminium foil.

Here’s the article (tutorial)…/create-beautiful-bokeh-aluminum-foil/

I gave it a go just now and it came out pretty well. Especially considering I didn’t use my off-camera flashes (no batteries in them or my triggers). I just used a lamp instead.

Didn’t quite come out the same as in the article, but still pretty cool and worth giving a go for a bit of fun!

I’ve posted my shots here along with a “set-up” shot showing how simple it was lol.

Also, I shot at 200mm f2.8 instead of what the article recommends (50mm 1.8) because I didn’t have enough foil to be able to shoot at a far enough distance and have it cover the background at 50mm lol.

Oh yeah one more thing, I found up some old flash gels and just taped it across the front of the lamp to get the red background.

Here are my results:READ MORE

Photoshop Mulligan

Do you ever see old photos of yourself and cringe? “What was I doing wearing that jacket?” “why didn’t anyone tell me my hair looked like THAT!?” and so on…

Well, I don’t know about you but I get a similar feeling sometimes when I see some of my old landscape photos lol.

Luckily we get to have a do-over with our landscapes though!

I normally insist that if you have a consistent Photoshop workflow, then you can edit the same photo twice and get it to come out the same both times… Makes sense, right?

Turns out there’s a caveat to that statement.

And that is HOW LONG you go between processing that same shot twice.

Because with time and practice (hopefully!) comes improvement, refinement and evolving creativity.

So with that in mind… I’ve been re-editing some of my older shots (2-3 years and older) and I thought it would be a great topic for an action post.

Here’s the NEW version:


New Image: Minnamurra Pre-Dawn

I have finally gotten around to adding another image to my New South Wales gallery.

It’s from a very recent shoot actually, just last weekend in fact, back at a favourite location of mine on the Illawarra coast.

The forecast was predicting a clear sky and I’m so happy to have finally captured such conditions in a way that the beautiful pre-dawn glow lights up the sky and READ MORE

Vivid Sydney 2013

Vivid 2013 has just wrapped up here in Sydney after a couple of weeks of amazing light and laser shows all around the harbour.

Being a little disappointed with last years effort, I was a little reluctant to make the journey into the crowds to see it this time, but not wanting to miss out on anything (just in case) we READ MORE

Do people really care HOW you take a photo?

I decided to test the common assumption among photographers that people who are not photographers really don’t care how a photograph was created. If they like it they like it, they don’t care what lens you have, what f-stop you used or how much photoshopping you did…

I posed a simple 2 question survey to my facebook friends and the results can be seen in the graphic below.

What I have come to realise since creating the survey is READ MORE