The “not so” snowy mountains

Just a quick update to share this couple of shots I took earlier in the year up at the “snowy” mountains.

The snow was falling a couple of weeks prior to our visit, but disappeared by the time we got there. Then promptly started falling (like, record amounts) the week after we left.

But we still had a good time anyway!

If we didn’t get to shoot any snow, at least we got some nice foggy conditions in the early morning.

The two shots below were taken from almost exactly the same spot, the only difference being a few minutes either side of sunrise.

Jindabyne-Lake-2 Jindabyne-Lake-1


The observant reader may┬áhave noticed that it’s been a touch over 2 years since my last blog post. In fact most of my “recent” blog posts are along the lines of “it’s been ages since I posted, but…” or “welcome to my new website design!”

Not coincidentally, this first new post in 2 years comes at the same time I’ve re-designed my blog. I went with a white theme this time, just to shake things up a bit.

Here’s hoping it won’t be 2 more years til you hear from me again on this blog ­čÖé



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